Vert Shock Review

This is a top class vertical jump training program for all those who want to dunk. It is highly useful for all athletes and sports people, especially for sports like basketball, baseball, football etc. This program promises you a 10 inches improvement in your vertical jump. The program takes a duration of 8 weeks.

Adam Folker is the creator of Vert Shock. He has worked with Justin “Just Fly” Darlington for this program. Both these personalities have worked together and researched a lot to bring out the best results through this program and their are millions who have benefited from this program.

Vert Shock Review program follows a three phase system. The first phase is the Pre-Shock phase, which is to prepare your body for better effectiveness in the next phase. This phase will be during the first week of the program and this phase itself can add 3-5 inches in your leap. The major phase of this program is the second phase, which is called the Shock phase. It aims at giving a shock to your nervous system to increase your leap score. This phase takes the major time of the program, about 6 weeks. You will have maximum gain in your leap during this phase. The last phase is the Post-shock phase.  It involves committing what has been learned to muscle memory. This will be the most intensive last week. You will get rest of only a day during this phase.

As mentioned before, you will have a gain of 3-5 inches in the pre-shock phase. But the major development takes place during the Shock phase. You can gain up to 7 inches during this phase. But don’t find the last phase as unimportant. This is the phase where your jumping form becomes perfect.

This is a very well put together program. If you spend a committed 8 weeks, you can have an improvement of 10 inches in your vertical jump. There is an introduction of 10 minutes soon after you take membership. You will be prepared for the tough weeks ahead through this introduction itself. It does not have many irrelevant information. You can yourself print your worksheets and watch the tutorials. Vert Shock does not need any equipments of your own for workouts, unlike other programs.


There is not much flaws for this program. There will be only a few things that will irritate you. You won’t be able to download the videos for offline viewing. The program also has some unlockable contents for which you will have to pay extra.

The price of this program is $67. Vert Shock also gives a 60-day money back policy. So if you do not find any improvement in your vertical jump in 60 days, you can get your money back.

Vert Shock is a highly recommended program. It stands at the top among all the other vertical training programs. Many famous athletes have used this and have found results. The money back policy is an assurance that you will have the result or your money back.


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