How to Jump Higher?

Jumping Higher is very important for many athletes and for sports like basketball, baseball, football etc. Everybody want to increase their vertical jump. If you search you may find a lot of ways, But a lot of them will be wrong. Going with the wrong methods, will lead you to trouble.

Here are some vertical jump exercises that will help you to increase your vertical jump. Before starting the exercises, there are certain things you should remember. You must not do exercises all the days in a week. Doing exercises 4 to 5 days is more than enough. You will give up after a week or two if you do exercises daily. If you want to continue, you must give a gap when you do exercises. So now let us begin.

How to Jump Higher?

Warming Up

You must warm up your muscles before starting the exercise. It is good stretch properly and jog around for a few minutes before starting. You can also use a jump rope. It will help your conditioning. Warming up can also be in the form of running up and down the stairs for a while. Warming up also should not be done too much because it may wear your legs. You can use this as a warm up exercise.

Jumping Exercises

  1. Deep Knee Bends

You should be in the standing position. Bend at the knees slowly while keeping your back straight. Now you must crouch slowly as low as possible and slowly rise back up. This has to be done 15 times. Increase this to 20 or 30 over time.

  1. Deep Knee Bend Jumps

You should be in standing position for this. Now you should slowly bend at the knees while keeping your back straight. By almost touching your bottom to the ground, You should crouch down as described above but fairly quickly. You should explode upwards as high as you can. Couch and launch back up again immediately after the moment you land. You must do this 15 times. Increase it to 20 to 30 times when you can.

  1. Toe Raises

You have to stand regularly. After that raise up onto the tips of your toes. Your lower back has to be down. You should not just rock up and down. This has to be done slowly and steadily. This exercise has to be repeated 30 to 50 times.

  1. Toe-Raise with Weights

Hold/wear weights while doing this toe raises, if you have any sort of weight. It will help you a lot. It is better to use small weights and you can work your way up.

  1. Stomach Crunches

Sit-ups are bad for your back. It is better to do stomach crunches instead of sit-ups. For this, lie on your back. Use your ab muscles you rise up just enough to lift your shoulders off the ground. Your back has to be straight while doing this. This has to be done often. Doing this 10 minutes in the morning and 10 minutes at night is good.

  1. Jumping Rope

This is something that really helps you in improving your vertical jump. You can jump rope while watching tv or something. You should make this a habit.


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