Jump Manual Review

Basketball is more of an athletic sports these days. Everyone want to jump higher in the basketball court, but not everyone are born with such skills. I was also one of such basketball players who wanted to dunk, but never could. I was really confused what to do. It was on of my coaches who told me that proper training programs will bring an improvement in my vertical jump and he suggested me the Jump Manual. I searched a lot about the Jump Manual by Jacob Hiller and I could find many positive reviews.I decided to give it a shot.

Basic Details


You can download the Jump Manual in PDF format. The ebook contains all the information about improving the vertical jump  step by step. The Jump Manual is an all-around course that fixes overall strength as well as jump explosiveness.

The  Jump Manual program runs for 12 weeks. So you will have to give your dedicated 12 weeks for the training program. You should not misunderstand that improving your vertical jump is a quick fix where you will find result in 3 or 4 days. If need such an instant result, neither the Jump Manual, nor any other vertical jump training programs will help you.

The program is splitted to many mini cycles. There is a span of 2 weeks for each cycle. You will have a set of programs to follow in these 2 weeks. The program explains what to do, when to do it and why you’re doing it. It has everything you need to know about your training.

You will have to repeat the cycle when the 2 weeks are up. But this time, you will have to increase the intensity. You will have to  do the 2 week cycle for 6 times in total, which means, 12 weeks.


Everyone wants to know how many inches they can gain in 12 weeks. The answer is about 10 inches. But, you should keep in mind that it will really take hard work and dedication to get those results.

For better results, you will have to follow the program as it is because this is a complete program. The main thing I learned from this program is that you don’t get stronger or jump higher while you do the exercises. Results come when you rest and recover after the workouts. So, when you do more reps, you should understand that you’re not giving your body time to recover to get stronger. You must give your body rest time because it is when the body rebuilds muscles.

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I measured my vertical jump on the last day. I was happy that I gained a little over 9 inches in my vertical jump. If you work hard, it will finally pay off, as in my case. I still go back to it every now and then to do some of the exercises to maintain my jump.


I have also noticed that he increase in my jump didn’t come in any uniform fashion. I couldn’t find much improvement after the first week. But, when the program reached closer to the end of second week, I could find a nice 2.5 inch increase. This increase motivated me to go forward and continue with the training. Keep in mind that the results are not linear and they come at different times. So you will have to trust the program and go forward with it.

Things to Learn

I learned certain things from this program that motivated me a lot. I learned that you need to challenge yourself as the program specifically specified that you need to increase the weight you used over time. Your body will improve its performance only through this.

I also found out that jumping is not just about your legs, it is all about overall strength. The Jump Manual also improved my conditioning, made me stronger and strengthened my core muscles.

You should eat properly during the whole training program. Nutrition is very important and you should get the proper amounts to get strong. You have to make sure that you do not fill yourself up with junk food. Eating right helps fuel your body.

Another thing I noticed is that you should avoid over training. You should do the specific exercises in the sets and reps prescribed in the manual. You should also get your rest. If you try to over do it, it will lower your gains. Over training also makes you susceptible to injury since your body hasn’t fully recovered and you’re making the muscles work again.


Jump Manual is definitely an effective program to improve your vertical jump. I am very happy with the results I got from this program. There are a lot of other people too who have got good results from this program. If you want the full potential of the program, you will need focus, dedication and attention to the details mentioned in the manual.


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